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A Lifetime of Care and Protection

The BelCare Program is a great advantage to choosing Beltone hearing aids. This protection program is included with all Beltone hearing aid purchases. It protects your devices in a multitude of ways through their entire lifespan.

BelCare aims to assist with your hearing care as much as the upkeep of your hearing aids so you know you are well cared for. There are over 1500 Beltone centers nationwide which allows you to continue your BelCare benefits even if you move.

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12 Major Benefits

BelCare Benefits Include

Your annual screening is covered at no cost to you by the BelCare program to keep your hearing care up to date and your hearing aids at the optimal settings. It is recommended to have your hearing tested on an annual basis to ensure that there isn't progression to hearing loss that goes undetected.

BelCare Lifetime Care includes free hearing aid inspections and cleanings whenever necessary. Beltone wants to ensure your hearing aids are always working like new and is available to help at any of the national centers for the lifetime of your hearing aids.

Beltone is committed to your satisfaction, which is why you have a 30-day Trial period on your hearing aids. The 30 days begin on the date of delivery. If you find that the hearing aids aren't working for you for any reason, you can return them to the nearest Beltone location for a refund. See location for details. A preparation fee may apply.

No matter where you are, Beltone wants you to have access to the provided services. If you can't get into your local Beltone Hearing Care Center for any reason, call the toll free patient care line at 1-800-BELTONE (1-800-235-8663).

All Beltone practitioners guarantee not to fit you with hearing aids unless the recommendation helps improve your quality of life. Suppose your hearing isn't severe enough to warrant such a recommendation. In that case, you will not be fitted with hearing aids in a Beltone Hearing Care Center.

Your hearing aid recommendations will be reviewed by a licensed hearing aid specialist, an audiologist, or an audioprosthologist. These recommendations will be based on the results of your audiogram.

Sometimes adjusting to hearing aids requires a certain level of patience. This is why your Beltone specialist will go over what you should expect with your new hearing aids. You'll learn about how to care for your hearing aids, what benefits to expect, and the limitations that may be present.

Your Beltone practitioner wants to ensure a smooth transition for you as you adjust to your new hearing aids. This is why follow-up appointments will be scheduled as needed. Follow-up appointments will help ensure the hearing aids are in the optimal settings for you and help you with any questions or concerns that may pop up as you adjust.

Beltone wants to make sure that your hearing aids are helping you as they should. Your Beltone specialist may conduct a follow-up hearing test 30 days after you get your hearing aids to document the improvement to your hearing with the devices.

All Beltone hearing aids are covered with a limited manufacturer's warranty and coverage for lost, damaged, or stolen devices. These protections are included for free for 1-3 years after purchase. Your Beltone practitioner will talk about extending these coverages for you if you're interested in keeping your devices protected for longer.

If your hearing aids no longer work for you based on your hearing loss progression, Beltone will provide more powerful hearing aids for you at no cost. See store for details.

All Beltone practitioners have signed a code of ethics and professional conduct contract to ensure that you're getting the highest-quality care possible from each of our practitioners.

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