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Football and Hearing Loss

Can Football Damage My Hearing Health?

While football can be a fun sport to take part in, it does come with some health hazards. Due to the constant physical contact, head injuries are very prominent among players. In fact, head injuries are the top reason why football players are more at risk for health issues. These can include things like hearing loss and tinnitus.

Hearing Loss From Football?

Hearing loss and football may not be two terms that are not thought of together. Due to the risk of head injuries from playing football, it increases their risk of hearing loss. When a player sustains a head injury, it jars the brain and the nerves that connect it to the inner ear. This can create hearing loss issues.

A blunt blow to the head can cause a shock wave. This shockwave travels to the cochlea. This is the part of the inner ear responsible for receiving sound. This has resulted in tinnitus and hearing loss among patients.

How To Protect Your Hearing While Playing

As a football player, you're concerned with other aspects of your physical health. You need to take into account your hearing care practices while playing. While you likely won't be able to wear hearing protection while on the field, you can when you're off. Always pack some earplugs or other types of hearing health protection. You can use these while not playing to limit your risk of hearing problems.

Hearing care doesn't have to stop there either. Always make sure that you're supplied with helmets that meet football regulations. You should always wear a mouth guard. Consider adding extra protection, like a padded neck roll, to your gear. You should talk with your coach or other team health professional about these items. Inform them that they can assist with your hearing care while playing.

How To Protect Your Hearing While Watching

Football players are not the only ones at risk for hearing damage. Fans who visit the game for a live performance are also at risk. They will need to take proper steps of hearing care to protect their hearing health. Sounds like loud cheering and airhorns can exceed a safe decibel range for watchers.

In fact, the CDC suggests that football games can reach a decibel level of 100. Sounds above 70 decibels are unsafe and can lead to permanent hearing damage. Hearing care is essential when partaking in a live football event. Do yourself a favor and wear hearing protection. You can pick up earplugs at your local store and take them along with you for the show.

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