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Family Friendly Vacations With Hearing Loss

While most people are excited to visit a new vacation destination, some of us are a little weary when we have hearing aids. When you're dealing with hearing aids for the first time, it can bring up a lot of worries about what may happen during your vacation and where you can find emergency hearing care if a problem arises with your hearing aids. Fortunately, there are a lot of vacation destinations that are hearing loss-friendly and have hearing care options on-site.

1. Disney World in Florida

Disney World provides a great family destination with lots of visual enjoyment for the whole family. Throughout the entire park, there are many sign language guides that can assist those with hearing loss in understanding the various aspects of the rides, tour, and overall park. There are also lots of closed captioning on the instruction screens, which can provide extra hearing care assistance for those with hearing loss. You'll be able to enjoy hearing loss tools like reflective captioning for many of the theater-style attractions, and the resort will provide you with assisted listening headphones. There's a reason that Disney World always comes up at the top of the traveling list for those who have hearing aids.

2. New York City

Traveling to the Big Apple seems to be on everyone's bucket list as it has many iconic features like Broadway and Times Square. The city employs many hearing loss-friendly tour guides to help you navigate through the city. Broadway even has a theatre that is specifically designed for those who have hearing loss. When traveling to the Big Apple, you won't have to worry about having issues with your hearing aids, as there are many hearing care professionals within the city limits.

3. France

If you have the urge for international traveling but are worried about your hearing loss, you should consider traveling to France. Most people don't realize that France is known as the home of the first schools for the deaf and is very hearing aid-friendly. Their culture revolves around forward-thinking to allow people with all sorts of hearing loss issues to interact with the world around them. France has many different beaches, churches, and other visual attractions that you'll be sure to enjoy during your traveling adventure.

4. Italy

Another great traveling destination for those with hearing loss is Italy. This country has a large number of dedicated tour agencies that offer sign language to assist those with hearing loss to enjoy their entire vacation. Italy has a lot of beautiful attractions, from countryside inns to historic structures. You'll also be close to centers for hearing aids that can assist you with any problems that you may experience with your hearing aids.

5. Cruises

Okay, cruises aren't really a destination. But, you can enjoy traveling to a variety of different destinations on a hearing loss-friendly cruise line. These cruise lines offer a variety of assistive listening devices, sign language interpreters, closed-captioned telephones, and even visual-tactile alert systems. Many of them have onboard centers for hearing aids that can provide assistance if you need extra batteries for your hearing aids or your hearing aids end up malfunctioning.

Vacation Packing Tips For Your Hearing Aids

Once you decide that you're going to be traveling to a hearing loss-friendly vacation destination, it's time to consult your hearing care professional about your hearing aids. Any good hearing care professional will be capable of instructing you on the items that you'll need to pack to take care of your hearing aids. Spare batteries, battery charges, a dehumidifier, and a cleaning kit for your hearing aids are some of the basic necessities that any hearing care professional will recommend for your trip.

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Traveling with hearing loss can seem scary for many people. Fortunately, there are lots of great travel destinations that offer assistance for those with hearing loss issues. Before you head to the airport, it's a good idea to contact one of our hearing care professionals. Our hearing care professionals can assist you in finding the ideal hearing aids and provide you with tips on packing to ensure that your vacation is both enjoyable and adventurous.

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