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Hearing Aid Feedback

Hearing Aid Feedback: Why Is My Hearing Aid Whistling?

The technology of hearing aids has improved over the years, so much so that feedback is less likely to be an issue. That said, it's still something that can happen. It's more likely to be the case if you wear hearing aids meant to address more significant hearing loss. If you experience whistling or high-pitched squealing, it's hearing aid feedback. Here's what you need to know about hearing aid feedback and what you can do about it.

Hearing Aid Feedback – What Is It?

Feedback happens when sound waves get out of the ear canal and hit the microphone part of your hearing aid. Hearing aid feedback sounds like a whistling sound or high-pitched squealing. You may also notice a loud buzzing noise or hissing sounds. Hearing aid feedback can fall into three basic categories:

  • Acoustical. This happens when amplifying sound by the hearing aid's speaker. The amplified sound is so that the microphone to detect it.
  • Mechanical. This happens if the speaker touches the hearing aid casing. This experience is what's called mechanical feedback.
  • Electronic. Issues with electrical circuits in hearing aids cause this type of feedback.

Hearing aid feedback can be due to poor-fitting devices or too high volume. A dislodged microphone or damaged tubing can also be to blame. Excessive earwax can be a factor as well.

When Should This Become a Concern?

Feedback can occur moving a certain way while using hearing aids, like hugging a person. You may also experience hearing aid feedback when putting in or taking out your hearing aids. This type of feedback is normal, though, as long as it only happens when something triggers it. There's reason for concern if feedback is more frequent and random. It may mean your hearing aids need cleaning, repair, or a change in the settings.

What Can I Do About Hearing Aid Feedback?

Before assuming the worst when you notice feedback, there are some initial steps you can take. These include:

  • Changing the battery
  • Repositioning your hearing aids
  • Cleaning your ears, or seeing your doctor about earwax removal

If any of these steps aren't helping, visit a hearing care specialist. Your hearing care specialist will check your hearing aids. This will determine if there are any issues contributing to feedback that we can correct.

Call Us Today

If you have hearing aids and have some issues with feedback, Beltone of Northwest Florida is here for you. We offer the evaluation, the fitting of hearing aids, and follow-up services. We cover all aspects of hearing care. Contact our team today for more information about our services and hearing options.

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