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Humidity and Hearing Aids

How Does Humidity Affect My Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids have a lot of sensitive electronic elements. These components will process sounds and then amplify them into your ear. Hearing aids are generally easy to care for, but high levels of humidity does put them at risk. 

Excess moisture can cause the hearing aids to not work as well as they should or fail altogether. When the humidity is high, you will sweat more. Sweat does not evaporate at a quick rate of speed, which will cause more moisture to get onto your hearing aids. This will degrade the electronic components.

Signs of Hearing Aid Damage

If your hearing aids have moisture damage, there will be several signs that you will notice. These include:

  • Static. You may hear background static noise.
  • Sound cutting. The sound may start to cut out, especially during loud noises.
  • Fading. You may notice that the sound on your hearing aids fades in and out. This will get worse as the damage gets more severe.
  • Distorted. You may hear distorted sounds if moisture is destroying your hearing aids.

If you are dealing with these signs, it is best to go to a hearing care specialist. They can determine if they can repair your hearing aids after humidity damage. If they cannot, you will need to replace them.

How to Repair Humidity Damage

Is humidity damaging your hearing aids? You should do all that you can to ensure that the moisture does not damage your new or repaired hearing aids. The best way is to make sure that you dry your hearing aids. Take them out of your ear to put them in a drying device. Even if it looks like they do not have moisture on them, during the hot humid months, you will want to dry them more often.

Preventing Moisture Damage

The best way to treat moisture damage is to never deal with it to start with. With hearing aids, try to find ones with a high water resistance rating and nanocoating. Be sure to remove your hearing aids while doing activities that cause you to sweat. You should also consider getting a dehumidifier for your home. This can help relieve moisture in your home, and prevent further issues with hearing loss.

Call Us Today

If you believe you need help with your hearing devices, make an appointment with us today. Our friendly hearing care specialists will take a look at your aids to see if they can repair them. If they cannot, we can help you to get a new pair of hearing aids that will be less likely to get moisture damage. We can also give you tips on how to reduce humidity damage, and further tips on how to deal with your hearing loss.