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Summer and Hearing Aids

How To Protect Your Hearing Health This Summer

Summer is the season to travel and enjoy outdoor events. Many of these frequent events can cause hearing loss due to excessive noise. While many of these noisy activities are fun, it is prudent to protect your ears from excessive noise. Exposure to a loud noises can undermine your hearing care. These can include lawnmowers, loud outdoor concerts, fireworks, power tools, and target shooting.

According to WHO, more than 1.1 billion people between 12 and 35 are at a higher risk of having hearing problems. These are due to prolonged exposure to audio devices and noisy entertainment. There are steps to protect your hearing care. Here are several ways to protect your hearing health during summer.

Cover Your Ears

There are affordable generic earplugs that protect your ears from excessive noise. You can opt for customized earplugs to improve comfort and durability. Buy earplugs and always carry them with you to protect your ears when in a noisy environment.

Avoid Fireworks If You Are Not a Professional

Start your hearing care journey by leaving fireworks to professionals. When celebrating, protect your hearing by staying away from fireworks. With fireworks, stay at a distance where you can enjoy lights and colors but not expose your ears to noise. To protect your hearing, put on your earplugs immediately after the show begins.

Hearing Care Against Swimmer’s Ear

Swimming is one of the best fun activities during summer. Swimming is fun and relaxing but can result in hearing loss. Swimmer’s ear is an infection that occurs when water enters the ear canal. Add a pair of swimmer’s earplugs to your must-do hearing care tips. Dry your ears after swimming and tilt your head to drain any water that could have entered your ear canal. Take your hearing care to another level by not swimming in water that is high in bacteria.

Get A Hearing Test

Going for a test is the most brilliant way to focus on your hearing care. The earlier you catch hearing problems, the higher the chances of treating them. One way to improve your hearing care is by keeping your volume down. Keep the volume down to protect your hearing health when listening to music. Also, take your hearing care to another level by staying away from noisy environments. With noisy events, protect your hearing by taking breaks to rest your ears.

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A hearing professional can test your hearing and let you know when you have a problem. Also, they help you improve your hearing care by giving you customized ear protectors. Schedule an appointment with our professionals as soon as you start to lose your hearing.

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