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2020 BIG Innovation Award Winner

The Beltone Amaze comes from an award-winning hearing aid company. In 2020, the Business Intelligence Group awarded Beltone the BIG Innovation Award for the creation of the Beltone Amaze hearing aids.

Beltone Amaze hearing aids are undoubtedly among the most advanced products in the market. It is known to provide hearing aid users with a plethora of advanced sound features.

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Beltone Amaze

Beltone Amaze Boasts the Most Advanced Features in the Industry

You can trust Beltone to create high-quality hearing aids. We have a long and reputable history of pushing the hearing aid industry’s boundaries with our company bringing In-the-Ear (ITE) hearing aids and 2.4GHz wireless technology to the field.

Beltone Amaze has also broken the limits in the market by creating the first ever hearing aids capable of syncing up with an app, allowing customers with hearing loss to have a higher degree of control than ever before over different types of auditory situations.

Adaptive Lifestyle Beltone Amaze

Adapts to Easy Lifestyle

Beltone Amaze also offers a wide selection of different hearing aids styles. You have the option to choose the hearing device that best suits your lifestyle. For example, if you are looking for something efficient yet barely visible, consider buying Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) type hearing aids.

Or, if you are more focused on the comfort aspect, Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids may be the best style for you. However, suppose neither of these options is for you. In that case, we can design one that suits you by using our custom hearing aid program, where you have control over the final product.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to the combination of Beltone Amaze hearing aids and the new HearMax app; you can control what you want to hear more than ever before. For Android and iPhone users, you can adjust the settings on your hearing aids from the comfort of your phone.

The power to hear the world how you want truly lies at your fingertips. With the app allowing you to manually change the sound levels on your hearing aids, see how much power they have left, and alter your ability to hear a particular noise. While you have total control, you can also relax and let our hearing aids handle minor details, such as automatically adjusting to prevent loud noises from sneaking up on your ears.

If having absolute control over the auditory world sounds like something you would like to experience, please contact Beltone of Northwest Florida to hear for yourself!

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