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Restores More Natural Hearing

The Beltone Legend could be the best hearing aid for you. This device is fully customizable and adapts to your environment to ensure high-quality sound and speech understanding.

Some hearing aids don't live up to the test of natural hearing. The Beltone Legend, on the other hand, certainly can. It utilizes ground-breaking features that help mimic the different natural sounds you hear so that your ears can identify where the noise is coming from. This device can make you feel as if you're not wearing anything at all. Instead, you've regained your natural hearing thanks to the Beltone Legend's advanced hearing technology.

The Beltone Legend comes with smart features like Remote Care™, Direct Audio Streaming, and the HearPlus™ App. These hearing aids are highly compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods which allows direct audio streaming of music, television, and even FaceTime. You'll need to download the HearPlus app to your favorite device. Then, you'll be able to intuitively control your hearing aids at the push of a button to adjust things like speech focus, volume, and to switch to pre-set settings when visiting your favorite places.

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Beltone Legend

Adapts to Easy Lifestyle

The beauty of the Beltone Legend is that it easily adapts to the environment around you. From a very windy boat on the sea to an intimate conversation, the Beltone Legend will adjust sound settings to ensure you can hear every word said. With so many features like Smart Gain Pro, Ear to Ear Synchronization™, and Feedback Eraser with Whistlestop™, you can't go wrong.

Smart Gain Pro is a handy feature that automatically adjusts your device's volume as your environment changes. As the sounds get louder, your device lowers the volume and visa versa. For your ease of use, when you change settings on one hearing aid, Ear to Ear Synchronization makes the same changes on the other. Lastly, the Feedback Eraser technology takes care of canceling out unwanted feedback so you don't have any whistling when moving around.

Beltone Legend

Made To Fit You

Being one of the most flexible hearing aids on the market, the Beltone Legend is extremely small. This sizing makes it nearly invisible and allows it to stand up to the most rugged conditions. When it comes to keeping dirt and moisture out of this amazing device, you'll want to rely on the HPF80 NanoBlock™. This piece is a coating block that comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste.

Beltone Legend

Control with Mobile Devices

Hearing aids are integrating with technology more than ever before; the Beltone Legend is no different. You can control it from your smartphone at any time and anywhere. Whether you want to stream your favorite tunes or alter your sound settings, you can do it from your smartphone with ease.

Beltone Legend

Free HearPlus App

The Beltone Legend is specifically designed to integrate with the HearPlus App. This free application can be downloaded on any device, including your smartphone and iPad. Through its interface, you can adjust background noise levels, wind noise reduction, sound level, and so much more.

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