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Enjoy Life with an Affordable Beltone Hearing Aid

Beltone's new Rely 2 is just what you need to enjoy high-quality hearing while living an active lifestyle. This hearing aid comes in a variety of styles and colors so that you can find one that fits your lifestyle.

Each Rely 2 comes with a lifetime care service from BelCare, Bluetooth connectivity, and incredible sound quality. You'll never need to consider getting another hearing aid again.

Beltone Rely 2

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High-Performance Chargers

Each Beltone Rely 2 comes along with a high-performance Desktop charger. This allows you to recharge your hearing aids for up to 30 full hours of use. If you like to live your life on the go, you can opt to purchase one of our Premium chargers. These offer a stylish and portable solution for charging the Beltone Rely 2.

Each protective charging case comes with convenient slots for your hearing aids to rest while they charge. The Premium charger is perfect for traveling. It can provide enough power to fully charge your Beltone Rely 2 hearing aids up to three times.

Rely 2
Hear the Sounds that Matter Most

This Beltone hearing aid offers outstanding sound quality that will allow you to enjoy your lifestyle as you used to. Beltone's tested and proven technology works to deliver a crystal clear sound quality that you've never experienced with other hearing aids. The Beltone Rely 2 is fully customizable so that you can efficiently work with your hearing specialists to amplify the noises you need to have a clear hearing experience.

Outstanding Connectivity

The Beltone Rely 2 offers easy connectivity to all of your favorite wireless devices. This hearing aid can connect with your Android smartphone, smart television, iPad, and even your iPod. You'll be excited to finally watch your favorite television show with ease. And, you'll enjoy being able to talk with loved ones on the phone without being distracted by overbearing background noises.

Beltone Lifetime Care Guarantee

Thanks to BelCare, you'll never have to worry about the effectiveness of your new hearing aids. With the purchase of a Beltone Rely 2 hearing aid, you'll be entitled to our lifetime care services. This includes annual exams to adjust your hearing aid settings to fit your current needs. You can also enjoy free hearing aid cleaning and our patient care phone line, where you can get answers to all your questions regarding your hearing aid.

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The Beltone Rely 2 can really be life-changing for those experiencing hearing issues and who have non-effective hearing aids. Contact our hearing specialists at Beltone of Northwest Florida to get started on your journey to better hearing with the Beltone Rely 2.

Beltone Rely2