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How Important Are Hearing Tests?

Over 48 million people in the US have experienced some form of hearing loss. The extent of the hearing loss and the best course of action can be determined by having your hearing tested. It's sometimes hard to notice the early stages of hearing loss because the gradual changes can easily go undetected.

Untreated hearing loss can lead to negative changes in your life, such as social anxiety, isolation, depression, cognitive decline, fatigue, and more. That's why annual routine hearing tests are essential to ensure any decline in hearing function is detected early. Whether or not you have hearing problems in your day to day life, we recommend that you get yearly screenings to make sure your hearing is working as it should be.

Beltone Comprehensive Hearing Test

Beltone of Northwest Florida happily offers a free comprehensive hearing test. The test is entirely free for all who are having their hearing checked. It can be personalized based on personal needs and experiences. Your medical history will be reviewed to find possible causes of hearing difficulty before a comprehensive screening test.

Some restrictions apply due to Insurance regulations.

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What To Expect During My Hearing Evaluation?

The test starts with a personalized hearing health assessment to get the full picture as to risk factors for hearing loss. The questions will include medical history, lifestyle choices, and recent changes that you may be noticing. This profile will also help our specialists determine the ideal hearing aids for you should you need them.

Your Hearing Aid Specialist or Audiologist will provide detailed results after the hearing test concludes and ensure you fully understand the final test results. Depending on the results, you will either get cleared, or the audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist will go over the optimal hearing aids and devices to assist you in taking care of your hearing health.

Our audiometric testing makes it easy to determine the type of hearing loss you're experiencing and the extent of the hearing loss. This exam will test for multiple facets of your hearing loss, including the ability to understand speech and which frequencies are more difficult for you to hear.
A Hearing Aid Specialist will go over your results with you in detail after the test concludes. Hearing aid options will be presented in the office on the same day, and you can even get a free hearing aid trial while you're there. The specialist will then let you compare the differences in hearing when you do and don't use the devices. Hearing loss can even be simulated so your loved ones can be empathetic about what you've been experiencing. You'll be able to leave the office with a clear solution to your hearing loss.
Hearing Test

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Call Beltone of Northwest Florida at (850) 260-3324 today and schedule your free comprehensive hearing test. The best thing you can do for your hearing care is to stay up on your yearly hearing screenings.

Benefits of hearing instruments vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing evaluation and proper fit. Beltone Hearing Care Centers are independently owned and operated. Participation may vary by location. See individual centers for details.


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