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Hearing Aid Basics

Hearing aids are devices that help those who are hearing impaired. Whether it's total hearing loss or diminished hearing ability, there is a hearing aid suitable to your personal need. Each style has features, such as appearance and size.

Choosing your hearing aid depends on several factors, including your hearing impairment level, age, interests, and lifestyle. You have options to choose the style that will suit your need, including the In-the-ear, Behind-the-Ear, or the Receiver-in-the-ear.


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Hearing Aids
In the Ear

In-the-Ear (ITE)

This style of hearing aid fits on the outer ear or the shell of the ear. It can either come in half or full shell style or be custom-fit to the user's ear.

This style might be preferable to older adults or people with impaired dexterity. It can be easily handled for installing or removing, cleaning, or adjusting. Your chosen hearing device can be custom fitted to the mold of your ear.

The speaker of this device style can get clogged with earwax, but there are instructions to clear it so it shouldn't be a problem if cleaned frequently. It is the largest of the hearing aid styles, which can provide a longer battery life.

Behind the Ear

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

This style of hearing aid is almost discreet. The device hooks over the top of the ear and rests on the back of the upper ear. A small wire connects the earpiece, which fits into the ear canal.

The BTE style is excellent for all ages and hearing levels. It's a great option because of its durability and ease of cleaning. Its discreet design gives it an advantage in younger wearers.

Receiver-in-the-Ear (RIE)

RIE models are popular because they have the same durability and similar design as BTE, but smaller and more discreet. It also has some of the same perks, easily cleanable and adjustable.

The difference with this model is the receiver is in the ear instead of the tubing behind the ear. All of the electrical components are located within the device that rests on the back of the ear. A small wire then extends into the canal where the receiver is located.

Beltone of Northwest Florida

Beltone State of the Art Hearing Aids

While hearing aids don't fully restore hearing, they can improve the quality of life. With a Beltone hearing aid, you can hear the world around with the assistance of a digital and wireless device.

When you choose Beltone, you will receive a durable device and ongoing support. It is customized to your personal requirements. When you speak with a specialist to determine your individual needs, you will learn more about the customized hearing aid you can purchase.

Whether at home or in the office, you can depend on Beltone. You can speak to a specialist in your area by visiting a Beltone location near you.

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Contact Beltone of Northwest Florida today to set up an appointment and find the perfect hearing aids for you. Your quality of life will drastically improve with the assistance of these little devices.
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