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Beltone of Northwest Florida Services

Nearly 50 million Americans are affected by some degree of hearing loss. If you are one of them, you may benefit from the hearing services available from Beltone of Northwest Florida. Below are the primary services you are welcome to take advantage of once you choose us for your hearing improvement needs and related care.

Servicing Your Hearing Aids

At Beltone of Northwest Florida, we go beyond maintaining hearing aids. We'll take the time with each visit to help you get the most out of your devices. Additionally, we'll help you fully understand what your particular model offers and how to take full advantage of the available features. During each visit, we'll answer your questions, address any concerns, and ensure you are getting the most from your hearing aids.

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Free Lifetime Aftercare & In-Office Hearing Aid Services

Owning a Beltone hearing aid means you'll benefit from lifetime aftercare that's absolutely free plus an assortment of in-office hearing aid services. Another perk we offer is our BelCare program – an ongoing care and protection plan that covers the life of your hearing aids.

BelCare Benefits Include:

  • Annual hearing evaluations and a patient care phone line
  • A customized follow-up schedule to help you adjust to your new hearing aids
  • Additional testing after your hearing aids are being used to document improvements
  • 2-years of protection that includes a free upgrade if your hearing issues change
  • A limited manufacturer's warranty plus a year of lost, stolen, or damaged protection
  • Lifetime care that includes free hearing aid inspections


Beltone Services

Hearing Aid Repairs and Services

Hearing aids from Beltone of Northwest Florida can be an investment that's even more appreciated with our hearing aid repair services and related services. Beltone hearing aids come with warranties that extend up to 48-months for your added peace of mind.

Our Comprehensive In-Office Services Include:

  • Routine hearing aid cleanings
  • In-office and manufacturer repairs
  • Programming and adjustments
  • No-charge in-office hearing aid trials
  • Trade-in programs
In-Home Visit

At-Home Visits

Our goal is to help patients get the most out of their experience with top-quality Beltone hearing aids. We do this by offering convenient access to our services. For Beltone hearing aid wearers unable to leave their homes, Beltone of Northwest Florida offers at-home visits. We also make visits to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. We genuinely care about our patients, so we want to make our top-quality services as accessible as possible.

Treat yourself to better hearing health and improved quality of life by reaching out to a specialist at Beltone of Northwest Florida Hearing Aid Center. We offer convenient and flexible payment options and a wide range of services that start with the initial consultation and continue with follow-up care.

Contact us at (850) 260-3324 today to learn more about our available services and hearing solutions.

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If you're noticing problems with your hearing, give us a call today to schedule your evaluation. Our Beltone Legend can be the right solution for you to enjoy the natural sounds of life.