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Children With Hearing Loss

Your Back-To-School Hearing Health Checklist

The ability to hear is an important part of your child’s education. Despite the importance of hearing care, it is at the bottom of a families’ back to school checklists. As a result, many school aged children are at risk for hearing loss. Sporting events, loud music, and even playground noise can impact your child’s ability to hear. This can later affect your child’s performance in the classroom.

Learn how you can protect your child from hearing loss in the classroom this fall with these 4 tips.

Limit the Volume Settings on Your Child’s Phone

Music is one of the most common sources of noise-induced hearing loss in children today. Because of this, many smartphone models now allow users to set volume limits. This allows their device to be more effective in hearing care.

Volume limits prevent the user from turning up their phone’s volume beyond a certain level. If using parental controls, your child cannot override them without your permission. It’s simple and effective in decreasing your child’s chances of hearing loss at school.

Get Your Child Noise-Canceling Headphones

Limiting the volume of your child’s smartphone can only do so much. You can also protect your child from hearing loss by providing noise-canceling headphones. Noise-canceling headphones reduce background noise. Reducing background noise discourages the user from turning up the volume. People, especially kids, tend to turn up the volume to drown out unwanted sounds.

Have Your Child Wear Ear Protection at Sporting Events

Unlike your child’s smartphone device, the sounds at a school sporting event is out of your control. You can still protect your child’s hearing care in other ways. Consider using earplugs from your preferred drugstore or even earmuffs during a game. Fitted earplugs can reduce noise levels by 15 to 30 dB. Combining them with a pair of earmuffs can add 10 to 15 dB more protection.

The best part is that earplugs and earmuffs aren’t even an expensive hearing care solution. An entire pack of earplugs goes for as little as $5 in many stores. It’s enough to protect your entire group's hearing care from hearing loss.

Get Your Child Hearing Aids

If your child already has hearing loss, following the steps can stop it from progressing. While these can be preventative measures, they are not meant to replace hearing aids. Hearing aids have the opposite hearing care function of noise-canceling headphones. They make sounds louder so that your child can hear in the classroom again.

Call Us Today

Contact us today to learn more about how hearing aids can improve your child’s hearing care. We can help select the best hearing aids for your child. We want them to continue to perform their best in the classroom this fall. We’re here to provide information about hearing care best practices in the classroom.

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