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How To Protect Your Hearing Health This Summer
Summer is the season to travel and enjoy outdoor events, but many of these frequent events can cause hearing loss due to excessive noise.
Enjoying The Beach With Hearing Aids
Here are some helpful hearing care tips for avoiding hearing aid problems while at the beach with your hearing aids this summer season.
Ear Infections and Hearing Aids
An ear infection can be painful,  and your ear infection may be more troublesome if you suffer from hearing loss and wear hearing aids.
Getting Used To Wearing Hearing Aids
If you have worn hearing aids for years and need to switch models and brands, you will need to set aside a grace period so that you know how the new hearing aids work.
How Hearing Aids Can Slow Dementia Progression

More than 6 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia. So, if you have an older loved one who's showing signs of memory impairment, it's only natural to be concerned. And since hearing loss is also commonly associated with aging, hearing aids could very well improve daily life for individuals with dementia. In fact, hearing aids may even be able to slow the progression of dementia to some extent.

How to Wear a Face Mask With Your Hearing Aids
If you're going out in public during this pandemic, you need to wear a mask. It's been proven that masks can slow the spread of COVID-19, even if they don't stop the spread entirely.
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