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Hearing Aids and Insurance: What You Should Know
If you use hearing aids, you may wonder if insurance covers hearing aids and what other options may be available to help ease your financial burden.
How Weight Gain Can Affect Your Hearing
Did you know hearing loss can be related to weight gain? Obesity or weight gain is an often-overlooked contributing factor to hearing-related problems
How Often Should You Get Your Hearing Checked?
Hearing issues can affect anyone. Having your hearing checked helps to see if there are any issues. But how often should you have your hearing checked?
How To Extend The Life Of Your Hearing Aid
Hearing aids can be a large investment, so it's important that you properly take care of your hearing devices to ensure they last a long time.
Tips For Hearing Your Best This Fall
Autumn is fast approaching, and if you suffer from hearing loss, there are several things that you can do for your hearing as we go into cooler weather.
Healthy Hearing: New Year's Resolutions
The act of making the resolutions makes you far more likely to stick to your lifestyle changes than any other time. With that in mind, the upcoming new year is the perfect time to start focusing on healthy hearing.
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