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Supporting Someone With Hearing Loss
If someone you know has hearing loss, you may be wondering how to best support them. The reality is there are many ways you can help them adjust and thrive.
TMJ and Hearing Loss: What Is The Connection?
TMJ is a condition where the temporomandibular joint is unable to move freely. Those who have TMJ have issues talking, chewing, and hearing properly.
Your Back-To-School Hearing Health Checklist
Hearing is important for education and many school aged kids are at risk for hearing loss. Learn how to protect your child's hearing with these tips.
Can Football Damage My Hearing Health?
Due to the constant physical contact, head injuries are very prominent among football players and can lead to developing hearing loss and tinnitus.
How Stress Can Affect Your Hearing Health
Some degree of stress is unavoidable, but if stress isn't kept in check, it could contribute to issues that can lead to hearing loss or even tinnitus.
Family Friendly Vacations With Hearing Loss
While most people are excited to visit a new vacation destination, some of us are a little weary when we have hearing aids.
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