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Holiday Season

Tips For Enjoying The Holidays For Those With Hearing Loss

The holiday season is all about spending precious time with family and friends. It's vital that you're able to communicate with those around you. This will allow you to enjoy your holiday celebrations with ease. We have some great tips to ensure that your next holiday get-together is fun and stress-free.

Let the Host Know Ahead of Time

One of the best things you can do to prepare for your next holiday get-together is tell your host about your hearing loss. You can tell them aspects that allow you to better communicate with others.

You can ask them to withhold playing music. This allows you to better concentrate on the conversations that you're having. Additionally, you may want to opt for a space at the table where your good ear is closest to the guests. Most hosts are more than happy to accommodate your needs. They want you to have a great time at their holiday celebration.

Partner Up

It can be helpful to have a partner that is able to repeat parts of a conversation that you may have missed. Find a family member or friend who can help throughout the holiday celebrations. Having the added support of someone by your side can make a real difference. It makes you feel more comfortable during your holiday get-togethers.

Choose Quiet Areas

One of the biggest problems with hearing loss during the holiday is background noise. The television, radio, children, and conversations can decrease your ability to communicate. Do yourself a favor and opt for choosing a quiet location at the celebration venue. Sitting in a quiet room with a small number of people will be easier to focus on what they're saying. It also helps you to communicate without disrupting background noise.

Be Strategic About Lip Reading

A great way to help with your hearing loss is to be strategic about reading lips. Try to position yourself in a manner where you can read the lips of the people that you're talking to. Lighting can make a big difference between being able to read someone's lips and not being able to.

Take Regular Breaks

When you're focused on communicating with those around you, it can take a toll on your mind, ears, and eyes. Don't be afraid to take regular breaks in a quiet location. This will give your mind, eyes, and ears time to rest and recuperate. It also allows you to stay longer and enjoy your company more.

Contact Our Hearing Care Professionals Today

If you're dealing with hearing loss, there are many things that you can do to. We want to enhance your ability to communicate with others around you. Getting hearing aids from our hearing professionals can help your hearing loss. We can also give more tips to ensure that your seasonal get-togethers are fun for you.