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Fall Hearing

Tips For Hearing Your Best This Fall

Autumn is fast approaching, and that means changes in weather, sports, and more if you suffer from hearing loss. There are several things that you can do for your hearing health as we go into cooler weather. Listed below are a few suggestions for protecting your hearing this fall.

Being Careful Of Loud Settings

As fall starts, you are more than likely going to head out to those fun football games. Football games can be fun but can also be loud. Without hearing protection, this can lead to permanent hearing loss. If you already suffer from hearing loss, you will want to do all that you can to protect your hearing. You will want to make sure that your hearing aid is comfortable and that you do not have it turned up too high. Talk to your hearing care specialist to determine the volume settings when you go to a football game.

Use Ear Protection When Using A Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are loud and can damage your hearing. While using a leaf blower, you will want to remove your hearing aid and replace it with earplugs. This will help to protect you from further hearing loss and  will ensure you have the best hearing health possible 

Try Wireless Accessories

Your hearing care specialist should inform you of wireless accessories that you can buy for your hearing aid. These accessories can help your hearing health and enhance one on one conversations. These work even better in noisy environments. You can go pumpkin shopping or even picking apples in a crowd with this hearing aid accessory.

Visit Your Hearing Care Specialist

With hearing health, you want to make sure that you see your hearing care specialist on a regular basis. They can help you to know what is new when it comes to hearing health. Additionally, they will offer you new hearing aid information as it becomes available. Your hearing care specialist can also tell you how to protect your hearing in the fall and winter months.

Call Us Today

If you need to see a hearing care specialist about your hearing health, visit us. We have 12 locations throughout Northwest Florida. We will give you advice on your hearing health and make sure that your hearing aid is in good working order. We are here to make sure that you enjoy the fall season and have no issues with your hearing loss.

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