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Hearing Loss

Who Invented Hearing Aids?

Hearing loss has been around for centuries, but in the 16th century and the past, anyone with hearing loss was thought to be disabled and have severe cognitive decline. People that suffered from hearing loss were discriminated against and were not active members of society. It was not until a Spanish Monk, Pedro Ponce, taught deaf people how to read and write.

Once this happened, the stigma around hearing loss started to improve, which made way for the invention of the first hearing aid.

The First Hearing Aid

The very first hearing aid was the ear trumpet, and it was invented in the 17th century. This hearing aid was created out of different things, including sheet iron and animal horns. The sizes varied and could be quite large. In the late 18th century, a collapsible ear trumpet was created. In 1800, Frederick C. Rein created an ear trumpet that was more appealing, which led to devices being created that could be hidden by the hair.

The First Electric Hearing Aid

When 1876 rolled around, the invention of the telephone helped to make hearing aids a thing in hearing care. By 1898, the very first electrical hearing aid was born. Electrical currents were used to help amplify sounds.

Commercially manufactured hearing aids were introduced to the market in 1913, but the units were not portable and hard to use. In 1920, vacuum tube hearing aids were created, and they helped to amplify all sounds. Hearing aids during this time were mostly used in a home setting as the hearing aids of this time were often too large to carry around.

Further History of the Hearing Aid

By the time World War II came to pass, there were many advancements made in technology, including the technology known as miniaturization. This helped to create a smaller hearing aid that was easier to hide and easier to use. By the 1970s, hearing aids were growing by leaps and bounds. They were quickly added to hearing care regimens and helped to further the research for digital technology-driven hearing aids.

Modern Hearing Aids

The first all-digital hearing aid was created in the 1990s, and with further technological advancements, hearing aids have helped many people who have suffered from hearing loss. In the 2010’s, Bluetooth technology was added to hearing aids to help them evolve the world of hearing care. Modern hearing aids not only help a person to overcome hearing loss, they help a person to hear as they would naturally and help them to understand words better. Modern hearing aids come in many different sizes and shape, and these hearing aids are not noticeable to the naked eye in most cases.

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If you suffer from hearing loss and want to learn more about how hearing aids should be added to your hearing care, please call Beltone Yordon today. We are happy to help you to experience better hearing. Our hearing care line includes a wide variety of different style hearing aids that will help you to be able to hear clearly again. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure that you have the hearing aids that you need and want.


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